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CSS has been on a roll lately, and many of the new features introduced are slowly but surely being adopted by the developer community.

Aperçu des utilisations

Shapes & Graphics
Other Features

Ratios Over Time

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Usage and awareness ratios over time for the highest-rating features.
gap property for flexbox
@container Queries
Les effets filtres CSS
Intrinsinc Sizing Keywords
Variables CSS (Propriétés Custom)
Fonctions de comparaison CSS
CSS Nesting

Each ratio is defined as follows:

  • Usage: (have used it) / total
  • Awareness: (have used it + **know about it **) / total

Score de connaissance

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Parmi toutes les connaissances mentionnées dans l'enquête, combien sont connues des répondants ?

Reading List

Compare Data
How many respondents added each item to their reading list?
The “Reading List” feature lets respondents save items they want to learn more about while taking the survey; and get a recap of useful resources about them at the end of the survey.

Ressources Recommandées

Learn CSS, from Laying Out Websites to Performant Animations

Learn CSS, from Laying Out Websites to Performant Animations

CSS is rich in capabilities and is more than simply laying out pages! Replace costly JavaScript with CSS.
Merci à nos partenaires de nous soutenir ! En savoir plus.