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Chen Hui Jing

Chen Hui Jing

Developer Experience Engineer @ Interledger Foundation

As usage of newer CSS features has been trending upwards, usage of CSS frameworks has been on a downward slope.

This could be an indication that folks are starting to get used to the idea that you don’t necessarily have to wait to use newer CSS features, because browsers will catch up a lot quicker than before.

With high awareness of native CSS features like nesting and :has() (which can act like a parent selector, but is much more than that!), it seems like we are on the brink of widespread adoption.

Out of all these features, I did have a personal favourite for this year, and that is text-wrap: balance. It provides a one-line fix for a request that I’ve constantly gotten over my entire web development career: “can we adjust that headline so the last word isn’t an orphan?”

It was also interesting that so many developers felt that animating to auto and masonry layout were missing CSS features. It's true it's always been tricky for browsers to determine element dimensions (especially height) when they're not explicitly declared.

But as Lea Verou mentioned last year, with initiatives such as Interop bringing browsers together, features thought previously impossible can now potentially become reality!