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Dinge, die dieses Jahr hervorstachen.

Meist übernommene Feature

Vergeben an das Feature mit dem größten Fortschritt.

The gap property for Flexbox is such a useful addition that it's not surprising it would see a +16.4% progression in 2023

Most Commented Feature

Awarded to the feature which received the most comments.
With 531 comments, no other feature even came close to generating as much feedback as Subgrid.


3. CSS Nesting: 65

Höchste Zufriedenheit

Vergeben an die Technologie mit der höchsten Zufriedenheit.

Out of all the CSS-in-JS solutions, Open Props is the only one that maintained a sky-high 91% retention ratio.


2. CSS Modules: 84.5%
3. UnoCSS: 82%

Meiste Eintragungen

Vergeben an das am meisten eingetragene Element.
With 52 mentions, Panda was the tool most mentioned in freeform questions by far.


3. Yandex: 24